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Lawyer: Fei toto Football Career have been Destroyed


Lawyer Patrick Simon said that Feisal Salum ‘Fei Toto’ wanted to break the contract had successfully ruined his career and his future.

Patrick’s statement comes after the Zanzibar midfielder has hit a rock for the second time, before the Tanzania Football Federation’s rules and Player Status ‘TFF’Committee.

From the Twitter page of lawyer Simon, he has written:

“My Attitude:

Yanga has lost its player:

  A young man loses the opportunity to play football, The rear of the young man successfully ruined his life, The boy’s family has benefited from life, The boy’s lawyers have made money for themselves, The authors have successfully developed Content.”

Feisal called for the reinstatement of his rulings against Yanga, but still the Committee on rules and Player Status continued to oversee his position of recognizing him as the club’s legitimate Desert player.

Feisal publicly announced a breach of contract with Young Africans in late 2022, but later the club’s leadership accused TFF of pushing him back to camp to join his teammates but that was not the case.
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