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The department of rural water and sanitation(RUWASA) was established under the water and sanitation act number 5 of 2019 to coordinate all efforts related to the provision of sustainable rural water services and sanitation services in rural Tanzania mainland to contribute to sustainable social economic development.

This organization has the authority in planning, maintaining, developing and supervising the provision of water and sanitation services. Water and hygiene rules and act number 5 of 2019 has also shifted the responsibility of officials responsible for water services provisions from Tamisemi to the ministry of water.

The newly established agency RUWASA has offices at the headquarters, district and regional levels as opposed to the original structure which is offices at council and RSs levels. With the headquarters in Dodoma the capital city of Tanzania and after taking over it’s duties on 1st July 2019 PATWASA operates in more than 25 regions in mainland Tanzania except dar es salaam.

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The department of rural water and sanitation (RUWASA) is looking to hire more than 64 workers to fill out the vacant position available therefore RUWASA welcomes you all to apply for this position in order to join the working team. For more information read the PDF file below:


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