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TPC limited is located in kilimanjKil province. It is the one of the largest sugar plantations in Tanzania. Of it’s 16000 hectares of land, 8000 hectares are used for the cultivation of sugarcane. Over the years TPC limited has made significant investments in the renovation and upgrading of fields, infrastructures and facilities. As a result of the sustainable development carried out in these areas.

Sugar production has increased from an annual production base of 30000 tons to the current 100000 tons. At the same time extensive experience was gained and effective achievement were achieved in several areas including sugarcane varieties, irrigation,sugar recovery, fertilizers and transportation. Although it’s activities have reached maturity and show good results, TPC limited plans to increase production in the coming years by developing additional land, introducing new varieties of sugarcane, adopting more efficient irrigation and fertilization techniques and also improving factory optimization. Other potential development projects for years to come include setting up a plant to improve added value from molasses and the expansion of electricity production throughout the year by burning non cane leaves at the intercom.

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