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Posted 8 months ago

Upendo honey mostly know as third man limited is a company dealing with the processing organic honey bag for foreign markets. It is the largest honey company in Africa with the headquarters in kogoma.

Upendo honey is looking for a book keeper and financial analyst, for those who are interested to work with upendo honey should follow the instructions provided to apply for the job.

Position: financial analyst/clerk.

As our company grows we hire new workers to their team with good financial understanding and ability to apply them in real life

The candidates will handle financial data, engage in memory management and also perform other financial duties as shown below,


  • To analyze past and current financial data and performance
  • To analyze the financial statements according to both regular reports
  • Financial data changes of trends identification and translation
  • To communicate with financial insight
  • To track taxes, cash flows, budgets,expenses, receipts and other financial activities.
  • To monitor paid accounts
  • To perform any other tasks assigned by a supervisor

Other jobs:


  • Bachelor degree in accounting or any other  related field
  • Knowledge of microsoft office
  • Proficiency in Google plus
  • Professional skills and analysis

Any candidate who is interested should submit his/her application online, Follow instructions to fill the online application form


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