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Five police arrested in Mbeya


Speaking to reporters on Thursday, November 3, 2022, Mbeya Regional Police Commander Benjamin Kuzaga said the incident occurred on October 20, 2022.

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He said the military received confidential information from good citizens and mentioned the numbers of the vehicle used to transport the migrants from Mbeya in the city to Kyela District on the border of Tanzania and Malawi.

“After tracking we found a Toyota car belonging to a soldier who is among the detained soldiers” he said.


Commander Kuzaga has named other soldiers and their numbers as ASP Thomas Mbwile, G 3132 Corporal Beda, G 3146, Corporal Mohammed, G6364 Corporal Joseph all of Uyole Police Station

Commander at the conference

He said the suspects will continue to be held for further interviews and will be brought to trial at any time after the investigation is completed.


”I am at the disposal of civil servants who are involved in the practice of smuggling illegal immigrants to know that the police force is not asleep and will be held accountable by law ” he said.



Mbeya Region Migration Commissioner Rigongo Shile said that the issue of illegal migrants is cross-cutting and requires significant cooperation from citizens.


“We will not turn a blind eye to civil servants involved in these businesses as the government has been using tactics to identify them using a loophole in their personal interests.”he said


A resident of Sinde in Mbeya, Augustine Constantine, said that the police could successfully hold public meetings and have secret votes of businessmen currently unable to report some of the soldiers ‘ lack of confidentiality.