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Manara Issue with TFF on yanga Day

Tanzania Football Federation Secretariat (TFF) has filed moral charges for Yanga’s President, Engineer Hersi Said and former club Officer Haji Manara. Tanzania football federation (TFF) has said it has been a big challenge for Tanzanians in the country to join the Tanzania football federation (TFF) in an exclusive interview with the Tanzania Football Federation (Tanzania […]

Monkey Pox to be another Scaring Disease

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the explosion of primate smallpox or monkeypox on earth is a threat to public health. The announcement has been released today July 23,2022 by WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus while speaking to journalists in Geneva, Switzerland after the second session of WHO’S International Medical […]

Ericksen to continue with Brentford FC

  The club manager Thomas Frank said Eriksen still has the opportunity due to his ability to register, during a small registration window in January. Coach Thomas Frank in Tottenham clubs, Newcastle and Manchester United are mentioned in the fight against him by the end of this season. Manager Thomas Frank has said that he […]

Tanzania President Mama Samia To receive World Cup

The president of the United Republic of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan expects that she will receive the World Cup on May 31, this year as a special strategy to announce Tanzania. The Tanzania football federation (TFF) has said that the Tanzania Football Federation (TFDA) has been urged to take part in the league’s soccer league […]

Royal Tour Directer Advises Bongo Muvie

Filmmaker and documentary from Hollywood John Feist, a leading producer of Royal Tour films in Tanzania, has analyzed Tanzanian films and made it clear that there are alternatives that can be used to make films better. John Feist said that “If Tanzania wants to be Swahili there is how to make improvements in its preparation” […]

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