Tanzania Tourism industry Development


The government, through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, has said it continues to increase strength in promoting tourism and its existing attractions in Tanzania as one of the ways to strengthen the sector.

This is explained by the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr. When he was speaking before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on land, Natural Resources and Tourism.


He said This is being done through major international exhibitions and conferences, such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO-CAF) recently held in Arusha and the Swahili International Tourism Expo (SITE) held in Dar es salaam.

Sunak is given a tactic to strengthen the economy

In addition, Chana also praised the committee for the great work of managing the government to perform its functions effectively, while thanking the committee for the cooperation it provides to the Ministry.

Citizens are given attention to protected areas
However, he assured the committee that the Ministry will continue to work on the advice provided by the committee, in order to develop the Natural Resources and tourism sector for the benefit of the current and future generations.