Tanzania Prime Minister Made Visit on Construction Of Railway Wargons


Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said he was satisfied with the development and pace of construction of new wagons for the modern railway (SGR) of the Tanzanian Railway Corporation made by the Sung Shin Rolling Stock Company (SSRT) located in South Korea.

Fate said on October 24, 2022 after visiting the Ssrst company, which manufactures carriages and train locomotives in South Korea.


“Of the 81 wagons Tanzania makes from you, 36 have already been completed and have been delivered to Tanzania and the remaining 45 are expected to be completed in March, 2023. These wagons are of the third class and will provide all the necessary services.”He Has Said Fate.

Prime Minister During Inspection

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The Prime Minister also welcomed the company’s President Gye Shul Park to invest in Tanzania due to various opportunities, including the Kuen government program

“You have a huge industry, advanced technology as well as expertise and expertise in this area. We now have big plans to continue to improve this rail transport sector, there are different areas in the modern railway connectivity program (SGR), I invite you to come and invest something like this in Tanzania.”

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In addition, fate visited the Seamul Undong Center which is a visualization of Korea’s development through the village empowerment program that implements the program in Tanzania in the province of Morogoro (Pangawe) and Zanzibar.

The Prime Minister, thanked the president of the Center and asked him to continue to offer cooperation to further promote the program and reach many more places.

“This system has now become national, the involvement of citizens is greater, now we want to develop it more, these areas of Morogoro and Zanzibar want them to be examples, in the implementation of this area”.