104 years Old Man who Fought in Second World War


Mwanza. The phrase “old is gold” is how you can describe Elder shoulder Maliba (104) a warrior who fought the Second World War (WWII) that took place from 1939 to 1945.

Elder Maliba who is a resident of the island of Ukerewe in Mwanza with his old age but still did not let this day pass without participating in remembering his fellow heroes.

On July 25, each year it is a memorial of the day of Tanzanian Warriors including a lifelong soldier on the First World War (WWII) and World War II (WWII).

The ceremony has been held in the Mwanza city centre of heroes and led by the governor of Mwanza, Robert Gabriel, Tanzanian army officers (JWTZ) and the police, other forces witnessed by hundreds of residents of the region.


In his life story, Elder Maliba not only remembers his lifelong colleagues but also thanks God for keeping him alive until today when he remembers his companions

He claims he will not forget how they fought in World War II and defeated Adolf Hitler’s forces aimed at invading British colonies including Tanganyika.

Old Man of 104 years

He also asked the government to continue remembering heroes who are alive by providing them with their deserves and promoting a culture of remembrance and honor for heroes who have died.

“We were devoted to fighting for Tanganyika and Queen Elizabeth, we chased Hitler when he wanted to return to rule our country so that the present soldiers would be willing to volunteer to fight for this country,” says Elder Maliba, whose vision and attention have begun to fade from the disease of old age.

Earlier, addressing a rally gathered to monitor the anniversary, the governor of Mwanza, Robert Gabriel has urged Tanzanians to continue praying for heroes who lost their lives defending, fighting for and protecting Tanzanian independence (Tanganyika at that time) for God to get a good rest.

“The methods our ancestors used have continued to be improved to this day are used to strengthen the boundary protection of our state and national resources. The memories of these heroes enable the current and next generation to see how some Tanzanians devote their lives to protecting our national sovereignty, ” he said

He said, ” We are using this day to pray for peace in our country so that through it we can achieve greater economic, social and political progress.”

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In another stage, Gabriel said it would not mean for every Tanzanian to decide that it is a nationalist when the national resources are lost in their area so he urged citizens to be patriot for not turning a blind eye to the embezzlement of public resources.