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New Jobs at Bulynhulu Gold Mine

Bulynhulu Gold Mine Limited is looking for senior financial executive to join our working team, the successfully candidates is espected to resemble Barrick DNA While thinking of making changes to the team and Bussness The financial executive will provide Technical guidance in accounting, financial statements… Read More »New Jobs at Bulynhulu Gold Mine

Warehouse Operator at Sandvik

We are looking for Wharehouse Operator at Sandvik to join our working team. The interested candidates is must adhere all procedures to apply this job. Duties The Ware house will be responsible for operation of utility warehouse including processing  installation plus storage of equipments Accounts… Read More »Warehouse Operator at Sandvik

Clinician jobs at MDH

MDH are looking for Clinician to join their working team. The candidates are required to apply once interested Duties and responsibilities  Provision of medical care to AIDS patients in the clinic, including problem solving Managing artistic activities  Introduction and monitoring of post infection prevention  Accuration… Read More »Clinician jobs at MDH